Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Buffalo, NY.

People often use similar words to describe a good real estate agent: professional, hardworking, diligent and passionate about their work. These adjectives apply to Matt Quagliano, of course. But less often will you hear about the personal qualities that mean so much more. Matt is a patient listener — thoughtful and calming. He has a generous spirit and a kind heart. He is alert to detail; sensitive to nuance. He is prompt, responsive and supportive. He will sell your house as quickly and painlessly as possible. Oh, and yes, he has a more favorable commission structure than anyone else. A better home seller’s agent simply does not exist.

November 24, 2020

140 Humboldt Parkway,
Buffalo, New York, 14214

Phone: (716) 471-9266 | Email: Click Here