The Home Sale Process

Selling your house can be a highly emotional process.  Most sellers desire to accomplish three simple goals. Obtain the best price possible in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience and disruption.  With 25 years of experience, Matt Quagliano knows how to sell.  My goal is to analyze your house, get the maximum exposure in the media, strategize showings, negotiate the best sale possible, seeing it through to the closing, all for a reasonable price.


Setting the asking price.  The definition of the “market value” of any property is really nothing more than a price that a buyer is willing to pay and a value a seller is willing to accept.  Many simple components help each side arrive at the mutual conclusion.  Matt Quagiano has been selling houses for a quarter century and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw from.  Three basic principles apply:

  1. Location of the property and features of the house and the most likely reaction that buyers will have toward the house.
  2. Consideration of relevant recent comparable sales and the degree to which the subject property relates.
  3. Current supply and demand of housing categories and the ability of the buyer to easily obtain financing.

Matt has an Intuitive Sense of a Property’s Value based on a clear understanding of the Mechanical and Emotional Components Involved in determining a Value. Once an accurate price is set, the rest can be fun and easy…..
Website Marketing has taken Control of the Real Estate World. Matt creates individual websites for each house, and all of his listing appear on over 25 websites, with the highest quality photos and descriptive text. Very well Connected, email inquiries are answered immediately.  Buffalo News Home Finder, each house appears in Home finder right before “Opening Day” Synergy and Passion are often the Strongest Marketing Methods, and Matt Quagliano has both.

Matt Has Developed a method for showing the houses that almost always results in multiple buyers being interested, “simultaneously” in his houses, thereby resulting in the TOP SALE PRICE attainable.

Negotiate the Sale. 

Matt Quagliano employs a “No Nonsense” method of negotiation, whereby each buyer clearly understands our goal and the Seller obtains the best price possible, with no frills nor extra effort required.


Matt Quagliano has an expert Administrative Assistant that follows every Transaction from start to finish, so every house closes as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  Fee Structure.  Like Most Businesses, Real Estate has been streamlined by the Advantages of The Internet. The result is a much more reasonable Fee Structure has materialized ….  Listing Fee is 5% of the net sale price, and will drop to 3% if the buyer does not have a separate Agent.  Additionally, Matt Quagliano offers a “Seller Assisted” Option where the Seller chose to be “involved” in the process and the fee is a flat $1500.00

Increasing Your Home Appeal

Preparation is the key to success with just about every real estate sale.  Today’s youngest potential buyers are most often busy professional people with virtually no time nor energy to complete major tasks upon home ownership, therefore it has become ever more important that home sellers prepare their homes to get that desired reaction among buyers.

Start as an objective third party.  Stand in front of your house at the curb and realize what you like about the house, often remembering those features that appealed when you bought it.  As a general rule, it usually makes sense to sell a property “pretty much as is” without completing major projects or renovations.  Simple changes like removing an old screen door, adding potted plants and modest landscaping can have a huge impact upon a potential buyers’ reaction to your home. Occasionally, a full blown painting of the exterior is warranted, but often just changing the color of the front door and perhaps some minor porch and trim painting can do the trick.  The general rule on exterior presentation is simple, present a good property in decent condition and eliminate all clutter and debris as the first impression a buyer has is that initial “drive up” to check out the location and exterior.

From the front door, take a very objective walk through your house and really look around. Excessive amounts of belongings, or “clutter” can have a serious negative impact upon a buyer’s reaction, as much of the reaction is most definitely “subconscious” in nature. Nothing but rugs and furniture should be on the floor, and too much furniture can make a room or space feel uncomfortable. Matt will walk through the house with you, as after 25 years of experience, Matt Quagliano knows what works within the selling process. As a general method, do not replace rugs or spend too much time thinking about painting rooms, as just about every buyer prefers hardwood floors and all want to paint and decorate their “new home” to their taste. Presenting a clean, clutter free environment will bring great results.  Two areas often most scrutinized include the kitchen and bathrooms. Many homes sell with kitchens and bathrooms that are considered “dated”, and buyers expect to update these areas. The hard and fast rule here is again, to create a clutter free area but also to get these spaces as clean as possible. Clean surfaces will instill and bring out a sense of comfort in most buyers. Matt has referrals available to any homeowner that may need a little help getting these areas ready. After so many years of working, Matt Quagliano has developed an incredible resource list of decent workers at reasonable fees.
Lighting is a very important component of the “getting a great reaction” process and often the most overlooked among home sellers. Set the mood for each area of the house with lighting most appropriate, extra bright in common areas and softer and more subtle in areas geared and designed for “relaxing within”. Regardless of the wattage, every light fixture should work, so replace light bulbs where needed.  Finally, Attic and Basement Areas look best “Clear and Debris Free”. Matt Quagliano can recommend a few people who specialize in “junk and debris” removal.

How I Promote Your House

When prepared, we place the house on the market.

The information about the house will download to all Internet websites, and we create the house website, for example, or

We announce Opening Day to start showings about one week (or when best) following placement of the information on the Websites. The house circulates among 30 – 40 websites and buyers become aware of the house, creating and enhancing a “pent up” demand hat will be a virtual explosion of showings on Opening Day.

A few days before we have our opening day for showings, I have the house cleaned. (This is included in the listing at no extra cost). Opening Day Arrives, we show the house from 11:00 am to

7:00 pm, including an open house from 12:00-3:00. If all goes as planned, and we assign the exact right asking price, we will have 2-3 or more immediate offers among buyers and we will obtain a sale price at or over asking. Otherwise, we show the house to legitimate, qualified buyers ongoing. We accept an offer from a well-qualified buyer and close within 60 days, or within a time frame that works for both buyer and seller. The sale is closely monitored by myself and a detailed administrative assistant.

The Sale will close, and you as seller pay 5% of the NET Sale price, or 3% if the buyer does not have a separate agent representing them.

How Much House Can I Afford?

Reach Joel Mahakian:
716-207-3991 or

Joel will guide you through the pre-approval process and help you chose from mortgage options that will best suit your needs.

Need Help Getting Your House Ready?

The following are trusted Professionals that have been referred by Matt Quagliano for many years,and can genuinely help any seller with a wide range of Homeownership Needs.

  • Mortgage & Financing: Joel Mahakian, M& T Mortgage: 716-207-3991 or
  • Insurance Needs: Overdorf Insurance, 716-822-9990
  • Overall Odd Jobs and Painting: Dan Heffron, 716-812-0340
  • Real Estate Attorney: Christopher Mikienis, Mikienis & Mikienis PC: 716-633-9925
  • Real Estate Attorney: Stacey Bechakas: 716-932-7000
  • Real Estate Attorney: Neil Pawlowski, Duggan and Pawlowski: 716-575-5529
  • Interior Cleaning: Shana, 716-603-5353
  • Minor Interior Painting and Odd Jobs: Dan Heffron: 716-812-0340
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Todd Pembleton: 716-949-2888
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Charlie Haug, 716-822-8102
  • General Contractor: David McMahon: 716-871-1056/716-603-5869
  • General Contractor: Matt Farley: 716-352-1133
  • Exterior House Painter: Dino the Painter: 716-875-9753/716-949-0953
  • Exterior House Painter: Steve Haykel: 716-574-2239
  • Chimney & Mortar Repair: Dave Hill: 716-983-6163
  • Electrician: Tony Pulveretti: Empire Electric, 716-984-7266
  • Electrician: Charlie Bonn, Bonn Electric: 716-694-1634
  • Plumbing: Frank Allessi, ABN Plumbing: 834-3873/ Day & Night
  • Plumbing:
  • Heating and Air Conditioning: Joe Licata: 716-228-6448
  • Junk Removal & Basement Cleanout: Chris Bonvisutto: 716-880-6746
  • Landscaping & Yard Work: Damon Colbert, 716-609-3455
  • Asbestos Advice & Wrapping: Robert Barr, 56 Services: 716-341-8601
  • Roofing & Gutters: Mike Lutz, 5 Star Roofing: 716-828-6279/716-440-5293
  • Locksmith: Lockman: 716-882-2636
  • Basement Drainage & Sump Pump: Frank’s Services: 716-877-3008
  • Granite Counters: International Stone: 716-434-8338
  • Estate Sales: Tom Brooks, Brooks & Moore: 716-741-1000
  • Estate Sales: Sales by George, George Armbruster: 716-882-2445
  • Oil Tank Removal: Nature’s Way: 716-937-6527

Reasonable Fee Option

  • The Real Estate Fee is 5% of the NET Sale Price.
  • The fee drops to 3% of the net sale price if the buyer does not have separate representation from another real estate agent.
  • I offer a “Seller Assisted Consultant Fee” for any homeowner who would like to sell their own house, but not go it alone.
  • Never any add nor transaction fees.
  • Never a Commission on Concessions.