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As a real estate agent local to Buffalo, Kenmore, Amherst, Tonawanda, Cheektowaga, Williamsville, and the surrounding North Buffalo, NY region, Matt Quagliano® is proud to bring his over 30 years of experience to the area. From placing real estate for sale to providing updated real estate listings, we have the tools and industry knowledge to help you. In those 34 years, Matt has learned the ins and outs of the real estate process and has gathered a wealth of knowledge in

  • Home Value Assessing
  • Listing Exposure and Marketing
  • Listing Appeal and Readiness
  • The Entire Transaction Process, From Listing to Selling
  • And Much More!

All of his realtor expertise is available for a reasonable fee and can help ensure a smooth, efficient, and stress-free real estate experience. From researching nearby colonial homes to receiving an accurate home value assessment, let Matt Quagliano Real Estate Agent be your go-to real estate agent.

Need Help Getting Your House Ready?

The following are trusted professionals that have been referred by Matt Quagliano® for many years. Every professional on this list is well-versed in preparing local homes for the market.

The Home Sale Process

Selling your house can be a highly emotional process. Most sellers aim to accomplish three simple goals:

  1. Obtain the best price possible
  2. Do so in the shortest amount of time
  3. Do so with the least inconvenience
  4. Pay Reasonable Fees, Real Estate Fees Range from 2.5-5%.

With 30 years of experience, Matt Quagliano® knows how to sell. For his clients, he always goes the extra mile to ensure a great transaction experience. Matt will:

  • Analyze Your House

He will determine the market value and set a competitive, strategic asking price. Matt will consider your property’s location and features, relevant and comparable sales and current supply and demand.

  • Get the Maximum Exposure in the Media

Matt will create an individual website for each house using high-quality photos and descriptive text. He will answer all email inquiries quickly on your behalf, list your property on relevant local platforms and maintain the transaction’s marketing needs.

  • Strategize Showings

Matt has developed a method for showing his houses that almost always results in multiple offers and interests, allowing sellers to list at top price.

  • Negotiate the Best Sale Possible

Matt employs a “no nonsense” method of negotiation that makes sure buyers understand the seller’s goals, and sellers obtain the best price possible. Matt lets people know, right up front, sellers are not interested in completing frivolous home inspection repairs.

  • See it Through to Closing

Matt’s expert administrative assistant follows every transaction from start to finish, ensuring that every house closes as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We will typically aim to close within 60 days or a timeframe that works for both the buyer and seller.

Increasing Your Home’s Appeal

Preparation is the key to success with just about every real estate transaction. Matt Quagliano will walk through the house with you a few times, analyzing and strategizing staging and presentation of the house to maximize a buyer’s greatest emotional reaction.

  • 1. Take a good, objective look at your property from the curb

What do you like about its curb appeal? What made you want to purchase it in the first place? What small, inexpensive projects can make it look even better? While you don’t want to put too much money into renovations, simple screen, paint and window fixes can drastically enhance its appeal.

  • 2. Take a good, objective look at your property from the front door

From there, walk through your house and really take in its design. Is there excessive clutter that might deter a potential buyer? Are there one or two furniture pieces that are taking up too much room? Is your floor clean and clear? Every small change can make the world of a difference.

  • 3. Take a good, objective look at your bathroom(s) and kitchen

Any “dated” appliances and design elements will most likely be added to a mental list of necessary updates that potential buyers might see. To make these spaces look their most presentable, limit any clutter and do your best for it to appear clean and comforting. An accurate asking price reflects modifications that many buyers will want to make upon closing. 

  • 4. Take a good, objective look at your lighting

Getting a great reaction is often more related to lighting and light exposure than we may realize. This often overlooked detail sets the mood in every area of the home, whether it be relaxing, natural or bright. Regardless of wattage, every fixture should work when switched to “on.”

How Matt Will Promote Your House

  1. Matt will work with the homeowner to ensure that the property’s appearance is prepared to go to market.
  2. When prepared, we place the house on the market and upload all related information to Real Estate Web Sites.
  3. We will create a specific site just for your listing (for example, and
  4. We announce opening day to start showings about one week (or when best) following placement of the information online. The house circulates among 30-40 websites and buyers become aware of the house, creating and enhancing a “pent up” demand that will be a virtual explosion of showings on opening day.
  5. A few days before we have our opening day for showings, Matt will have the house cleaned (this is included in the listing at no extra cost).
  6. When Opening Day arrives, we strategically show the house over a 2-3-day period. If all goes as planned and we assign the exact right asking price, we will have 2-3 or more immediate offers among buyers and we will obtain a sale price at or over asking.

Reasonable Fee Options

  • Upon closing, the Real Estate Fee is 4.7 % of the NET sale price.
  • The fee drops to 2.5 % of the NET sale price if the buyer does not have separate representation from another real estate agent.
  • I offer a “Seller-Assisted Consultant Fee” for any homeowner who would like to sell their own house, but not go it alone. $4500 Listing Fee Option
  • Never any added transaction fees.
  • Never a commission on concessions.

Want more details about a sold property?

House was fixed up per Matt’s instructions, (outside painting, inside paint,, carpet removal,, etc.), sold quickly. Buyer was happy, we were happy with results.

March 23, 2021

Bought a Multi Family home in 2010 in Buffalo, NY. Matt helped me find my 1st home– I met home at an open house and he was extremely knowledgeable– he has sold the house I was looking at to its current owners 10 years before. He was able to show me what changes had been made and how to bring the h …

November 25, 2020

Sold a Multi Family home in 2016 in Buffalo, NY. I would recommend Matt to anyone looking to sell or buy in North Buffalo. He found my wife and I our first house for a very low price and now sold it for us 19 years later for an amount we never dreamed of..great guy, knows the market and his customer …

November 25, 2020

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