Fee Options

Real Estate Fees, or Commission is reasonable, and fair. Typically, 4.7% includes all.

Sale Price of $225,000 or higher, the listing fee is $4900 (not a percentage). Each individual “buyer’s agent” commission is negotiable.

Sellers can offer a fee to a potential, “buyer’s agent”, or not. I advise that sellers continue to offer compensation to potential buyer’s agents. New York State is an “Agency Law State” and requires that a relationship between a buyer or seller, be defined in writing at the first point of substantive contact.

Home sellers may limit activity and the number of offers received by denying compensation to a buyer’s agent. Many potential buyers simply do not have the cash resources to obtain the mortgage AND pay the real estate agent.

Each case is unique and warrants individual analysis.

Real Estate Fees remain negotiable, as they always have been, just call or text Matt Quagliano and we can discuss. 716-471-9266

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